Grasso's Restaurant – Fine Dining and Jazz
Grasso's Restaurant – Fine Dining and Jazz
Grasso's Restaurant – Fine Dining and Jazz

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    Sunday, March 26th 12:00 PM
Danny Marks Duo
Danny Marks on Guitar and Wayne Sabella on Piano. Music to Brunch By!!!

    Sunday, March 26th 6:00 PM
Gail Storm
Gail Storm is a New York based singer/songwriter/pianist whose performances span from New York to Asia; the venues range from intimate restaurant settings to concerts and festivals. Her blues stylings embrace the root music she cherishes and provide a refreshing frame to other genres, such as classic jazz, pop and original compositions. She is a strong solo act, as she is this evening, but also enjoys the role as bandleader with guitar, sax, and drums on the side.
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    Monday, March 27th 6:00 PM
Andrew Carroll on Piano

    Wednesday, March 29th 7:00 PM
Mark Buttice Remarkable Trio
Mark Buttice Vocals,Wayne Sabella Piano, accompanied Bass. Hear the sounds of Frank Sinatra.
Swing and glide over the floor, with your best partner.

MP3 Download: Listen Now!

    Thursday, March 30th 6:30 PM
Frank O'Brien, Tim Givens Duo
Piano/Vocals & Bass. Simply Great

    Friday, March 31st 7:00 PM
Phoebe Austin Trio
Phoebe Austin Vocals, Gary Haberman Piano & Mike Hall Bass

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